Multilingual Denoising Pre-training for Neural Machine Translation

Multilingual pre-training is demonstrated to produce performance gain for MT in this TACL paper. The authors pre-train BART on 25 languages from common crawl, including 300GB English and 47 GB simplified Chinese text. These corpora are tokenized with a sentence piece model trained on all Common Crawl data that includes 0.25M subword tokens. The noise functions they use are random masking of a span and sentence permutation. A language ID is appended to the input and appended to the output so that it is capable of unsupervised MT and also being able to be fine-tuned for MT.

Their model, mBART, substantially outperforms SOTA non-pretraining approach and the pre-trained BART/XLM in supervised settings and unsupervised settings.


The methodology of zero-shot learning is very similar to Google NMT except that Google used LSTM. It’s good to live in this era that large scale text data can be mined with large models.

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