A Frustratingly Easy Approach for Entity and Relation Extraction

This paper presents a surprisingly effective pipeline that outperforms SOTA joint models. Their pipeline predicts entity first then uses predicted entity type as markers and fed each pair of marked spans into a relation model later. This pipeline involves two separately fine-tuned PLMs and the relation model requires encoding of every possible pair of spans. To mitigate the latency issue, they proposed an approximation method which removes the attention of markers from tokens such that the encodings of tokens can be reused across all pairs.


  • Very simple approach but very surprisingly good performance.
  • It aligns with some research findings that different task needs different features so MTL is not the silver bullet.
  • Their approximation is very clever.
  • The section of trying to solve error propagation is interesting too.
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  • 3: Ambivalent: It has merits (e.g., it reports state-of-the-art results, the idea is nice), but there are key weaknesses (e.g., I didn’t learn much from it, evaluation is not convincing, it describes incremental work). I believe it can significantly benefit from another round of revision, but I won’t object to accepting it if my co-reviewers are willing to champion it.
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